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Jeimi’s Portrait


I am from California
I love to watch movies &
I love firefighters.
Some hobbies of mine are make up,
and taking care of animals.

During the summer I always travel. Usually I travel to Japan

Some of my favorite singers are

Lil Wayne,
Lily Allen,
Tami Chynn,
Snoop Dogg,
Kid Cudi

My favorite colors are

Dark Red,

Forest Green, and

Dark Puple,

I speak

japanese and english.
Love to Laugh. Live. Create. Care. Travel.
I hate Mushrooms. I love Spinach & Sauerkraut.
I love motorcycles, but the noise that they make, make me really irritated.
I go through at least 3 phones per year. I love holidays and animals.
My friends & family means everything to me.
I’m reckless.
I love photography and oil painting.
I’m obsessed with Pixar.



Posted on: October 21, 2009

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I chose Minnie and Mickey Because In this picture the two were interacting so I wanted to see if i could get rid of one and if it would look good/funny.

Posted on: September 30, 2009

farmer and his wife
I Picked this picture because I immediatley thought it would be the funniest picture to mess with. It is a typical american couple and they look really upset. I then chose a cartoon house with a really bright background instead of the plain house in the background of the original. And then for the wife I chose a young brunette wearing a skimpy famer girl outfit. Then for the husband i chose a middle aged man who is happy and holding a shovel. The I put a devil pitchfork at the end.farmerandhiswife

My name is Jeimi King and I am 18 years old. I am Originally from Hollywood, CA, but ever since I was 8 I have been living in Madison, WI. I started getting into art ever since I was a child. I was always getting yelled at by my parents for drawing everywhere. Not only on surfaces like paper and walls, but i also would always draw on myself. I did a lot of art in middle school, elementary school, and kindergarden. Once i got into high school i only did art outside of the school. I tried to get into an art class all four years of high school but they were always so full. I finally got one my senior year but I thought the whole process was unfair. I became very close with my art teacher and i told her my problem. She was shocked and she said the system was unfair because the reason why i probably didn’t get into an art class was because at my school the art and cooking classes were the classes that all the bad students who needed an easy A would be put into by counselors. That is unfair because people like me who knew they wanted to go into art as a career could have really used the four years of guidance and the four years of developing a great portfolio. The good thing was that during the summer of 2008, I came to SAIC for the early college program. Here I found myself in an intense but fun 2 week class of beginners oil painting. I had the best teacher in the world and it really inspired me even more to be a better artist. I learned a lot of things while i was here for the summer and i knew immediately that this is where i wanted to go for school. The day that I was accepted to this school was the best day of my life. Words can’t express how happy and thankful I am to be here. I mainly do abstract oil painting, but i would like to go into digital animation and something in the field of computer graphics.ecp

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